Fussy Eating Rescue

A web app to support parents with fussy eating toddlers
Project Overview
Although fussy eating is developmentally normal for toddlers, it is a source of concern and anxiety for up to half of parents. Research has shown that parents' concern for fussy eating drive their use of feeding practices that may increase fussy eating and contribute to poor health outcomes later in life.

Fussy Eating Rescue is an app developed to support parents concerned about toddler fussy eating and improve their feeding practices.
My Involvement
Fussy Eating Rescue was my PhD project. I created implemented all research activities, including the actual development of the app itself. I am grateful for the support of my supervisors.

In this study, I used a novel online methodology to co-design the app prototypes with parents, as development took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. This process inspired the creation of DHMVP, a no-code app for researchers.Learn more about DHMVP
Three screenshots of the Fussy Eating Rescue app. The first one shows the favourites page. The second is a list of feeding strategies. The third is the food offer tracker.
  • The first phases were informed by a cluster thematic analysis of parents' posts on social media. This was assisted by using machine learning to process large, unstructured data. Learn more
  • The co-design process gave parents the power to co-create prototypes during online interviews. Learn more
  • A pilot RCT found that the app improved parent feeding practices and children's eating behaviors. Learn more
The research process for Fussy Eating Rescue was in four phases: Empathise, Design, Build/Test, and Pilot.